Dolly chilling with Mum & DadI have owned Pugs for over 35 years . I totally adore them and now since my own children have flown the nest, Lulu and Frankie are my babies. They have a lovely life, in the East Lothian countryside.  They love long walks on the beach and are very well socialized with other dogs, having canine friends they meet daily.

Lulu is my first female pug.  Being a stay at home”mum”, I am now going to try breeding.  I think I have read every publication in existence and now for the practical side.  I am hoping Lulu is with litter at the moment.  will keep everyone posted.

Frankie had sired two litters before he came to his forever home, last July.  He is very willing and able and that led me to offer him as a stud pug.

Dolly is the daughter of Frankie and Lulu, she is a very affectionate young pug however she does like to get her own way.

Where dogs will stay when we owners go on holiday is a huge concern.  I am very lucky with two lovely breeders and also family looking after our babies. Your Pugs can come on holiday to The Seaside and  I will look after your Pugs the way I do my own.

Lulu and Frankie have 5 generation pedigrees.

If I can be of any help on any aspects if Pugs to buying, selling, health etc. please get in touch.



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